Hannah and Jayson’s rehearsal dinner was nothing short of amazing. Full of laughter, tears, love and dancing. We started off at Wonderbar in Beacon NY followed by Carter’s Restaurant and Lounge. H+J met on Hinge and for some crazy reason Hannah figured they should see a movie. They unexpectedly ran into each other beforehand at a bar for two friends birthday parties. Still went to the movie, and the rest is history!

Stepping into Wonderbar in Beacon, NY, is like entering a scene from an old-world romance, where modern charm seamlessly blends with nostalgic elegance. This was the enchanting backdrop for Hannah and Jayson’s rehearsal dinner, a place they chose for its inviting atmosphere and a culinary reputation that’s the talk of the town. As guests arrived, they were greeted by the soft glow of overhead bistro lights reflecting off the carefully curated wall of art that tells stories of a bygone era. The air was scented with the kitchen’s savory promises, enticing everyone with hints of the gourmet feast that awaited. It wasn’t just the sumptuous menu that captured the essence of Wonderbar but also their handcrafted cocktails, each with a unique twist and a whimsical name, stirring conversations and laughter among friends and family gathering to celebrate love’s upcoming main act. It was a night where the rich tapestry of Hannah and Jayson’s journey was woven into every detail, from the cozy corners filled with intimate whispers to the clinking of glasses toasting to future happiness. Wonderbar was more than a venue; it was the first chapter in the memorable beginning of their forever after.

As the rehearsal dinner unfolded at Wonderbar, the personal touches made the evening truly bespoke. At the heart of the cocktail hour was a signature menu, elegantly framed and boasting a curated selection of handcrafted drinks that were as unique as Hannah and Jayson themselves. ‘Ya Gotta Give Em Hope’ and ‘I Have Fantasies Like That’ weren’t just whimsical names but a testament to the couple’s playful spirit, each cocktail a blend of premium ingredients with a twist as unexpected as their serendipitous first encounter. The menu, laid upon the tables with a minimalist grace, promised a gastronomic journey through starters like the refreshing citrus-infused salads, to the main courses that paired local flavors with gourmet flair, culminating in a sweet finale that echoed the couple’s story. It was more than a meal; it was an extension of Hannah and Jayson’s love — vibrant, flavorful, and unforgettable.

The toasts of the evening illuminated Hannah and Jayson’s story,

with the voices of lifelong friends resonating through the cozy space of Wonderbar. One friend, who shared her journey with Hannah since they were six, stood with a glimmer of nostalgia in her eyes. ‘Welcome to the roast of Hannah and Jayson, (just kidding!),’ she began. Her speech unfolded, ‘Let me tell you a little bit about my girl. Hannah is extremely driven and is a confident person. She puts all of her everything into everything she does, whether it’s for work or coming up with the most elaborate gift ideas for Jayson.’

Another friend took the floor, their admiration for Hannah palpable in their earnest tone. ‘From the instant Hannah had stepped into our lives, it’s clear that she’s smart, genuine, caring, and can hold her own in any situation,’ they said, capturing the essence of Hannah’s impact on those around her.

They continued, echoing the sentiments of all who had gathered. Hannah’s not just the life of the party but also the heart. And when Jayson came along, they all knew he was her perfect match. Someone who not only keeps pace but dances step-for-step with her through life. Guests raised their glasses, the light clinking sound mingling with the soft music in the background, to toast the couple.

This dinner rehearsal wasn’t just the precursor to a wedding; it was a milestone in itself, a celebration of paths crossed, destinies aligned, and the unforgettable magic that happens when two souls are meant to unite.

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