Newborn Photography at Vassar Brothers Medical Center

While traditional newborn photography captures planned poses and careful arrangements, Vassar Brothers Medical Center offers something profoundly different. Here, the first raw, untouched moments of life are frozen in time through exclusive “Fresh 48” sessions. These are not just photo shoots; they’re a front-row seat to the purest beginnings of life.

The “Fresh 48” photography is a special kind of session designed to capture your newborn in their very first hours of life. This unique opportunity documents the unfiltered newness of your baby—from their first yawns and stretches to the intimate interactions with parents—ensuring that you can cherish these fleeting moments forever.

Located in the heart of Poughkeepsie, Vassar Brothers Medical Center provides the ideal backdrop for these precious memories. Vassar hospital is renowned for its warm, family-friendly environment and top-notch facilities, making every “Fresh 48” session a serene and beautiful experience.

Moreover, Vassar Brothers has recently updated its visiting hours and guest policies. Now, with more flexible visiting hours and no limitations on guests, family members can more easily be a part of these once-in-a-lifetime moments. Everyone can share in the joy and wonder of welcoming the newest addition to your family.

Communication Before Your Baby’s Arrival

Before the whirlwind of labor and delivery begins, it’s essential to touch base with me to coordinate your Freshie session at Vassar Brothers Medical Center. Here’s a quick guide on how to communicate with me leading up to your baby’s arrival:

Reach Out Early: Feel free to contact me via phone or email in the weeks leading up to your due date. We can discuss your preferences, session details, outfits and any questions or concerns you may have.

Timing and Availability: Typically, fresh 48 sessions are scheduled between 9-11 AM the day after your baby’s arrival. However, if your baby is born outside of these hours, simply let me know, and we can adjust the timing accordingly. (It’s important to communicate with the doctors at Vassar so you don’t end up getting discharged before the photos take place.)

Keeping in Touch: Once your baby has arrived, drop me a quick message or give me a call to share the exciting news. This ensures that I’ll be ready to capture those precious moments when I arrive at the hospital.

Partner Involvement: Whether it’s Mom, Dad, or a supportive partner, everyone is welcome to communicate with me regarding the session details. Don’t hesitate to delegate this task to a loved one if needed.

Your Preferences Matter: Your session is all about capturing your unique family dynamics and the special bond with your new baby. Let me know your preferences, whether it’s specific poses, props, or a more candid approach, and I’ll work to make your vision a reality

Why Choose Fresh 48 Photography?

Fresh 48 photography captures your newborn in their most natural state—mere hours after birth. Unlike traditional newborn photography that might involve posed settings, Fresh 48 embraces the genuine, raw emotions of those first hours. These sessions celebrate not just the beauty of your newborn but also the strength and love of a mother, the joy and pride of a father, and the beginning of a new chapter as a family.

Tips for Parents: Preparing for Your Vassar Brothers Medical Fresh 48 Session

Preparing for your newborn’s first photo session is an exciting part of welcoming your new baby. Here are some tips to ensure that your “Fresh 48” session at Vassar Brothers Medical Center is as smooth and enjoyable as possible:

1. Dress Comfortably and Simply: Choose comfortable, soft clothing for yourself and your partner. Neutral colors or soft pastels work well, as they don’t detract from the natural beauty of your newborn. Avoid busy patterns and logos, which can be distracting in photos.

2. Keep the Baby Comfortable: Dress your baby in a simple onesie or a beautiful swaddle blanket. Hospitals typically provide a swaddle, but bringing your own can add a personal touch to the photos. Ensure that the baby is fed and changed right before the session to keep them content.

3. Bring Meaningful Items: Personalize your session with items that are special to you and your family. This could be a knitted blanket from a grandparent, a special stuffed animal, or a book you plan to read to them as they grow. These items add a meaningful dimension to your photos.

4. Natural Light is Best: If possible, take advantage of natural light by positioning yourselves near a window. Natural light creates beautifully soft and flattering photos, enhancing the tender moments captured during your session.

5. Relax and Be Present: The most impactful images come from genuine interactions. Don’t worry about posing or forcing a smile. Just focus on your connection with your new baby and your partner. Let these first moments of awe and love shine through naturally.

6. Communicate Preferences: If there are specific shots or angles you prefer, discuss these with your photographer beforehand. Whether it’s capturing tiny hands and feet, or siblings meeting for the first time, your input is invaluable.

7. Timing: Remember, timing can be unpredictable with newborns. Being flexible and patient will help alleviate stress for everyone involved in the session.

My “Fresh 48” Experience

After experiencing the birth of my daughter via C-section, I was both a mother to our second child and a passionate photographer facing the unique challenges and joys that come with both roles. Despite the physical demands and emotional highs of the delivery, I was determined to capture our first moments together through a fresh 48 session. Standing there on a step stool, camera in hand, I took my first photographs of her—images that I now hold dear and are framed on my bedside table and walls.

I firmly believe that every mother should have the opportunity to capture these fleeting moments. No matter how your baby comes into the world, the early days are full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that deserve to be cherished. Fresh 48 sessions are an invaluable investment in preserving these memories. They offer a way to look back and remember the wonder and emotions of those first precious days.

Capture the Magic of the First Moments

The fleeting moments right after your baby’s arrival are precious and irreplaceable. If you’re inspired by the idea of capturing these raw, tender early memories, I’m here to help make that happen. As a photographer and a mother who has cherished these moments first-hand, I understand the profound significance they hold.

Don’t let these once-in-a-lifetime memories slip away. Contact me today to schedule your “Fresh 48” session at Vassar Brothers Medical Center. Let’s preserve the beginning of your new journey together—beautifully, authentically, forever.

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