Restaurant Six at Curry Estate Wedding (formerly Le Chambord)

In the embrace of Restaurant Six at Curry Estate, Cheryl and Marc celebrated their love in the most intimate way imaginable. Their elopement wasn’t just a wedding; it was a reunion, a second chance at love that speaks volumes of their undying connection. Their choice of venue, with its storied past and breathtaking ambiance, was a backdrop to a day filled with laughter, love, and a touch of serendipity.

Venue Overview

Nestled in the scenic beauty of New York, Restaurant Six at Curry Estate stands as a beacon of elegance and charm. Once known as Le Chambord, this venue has evolved into a perfect setting for celebrations of all sizes, especially intimate gatherings like Cheryl and Marc’s elopement. Its history, paired with the natural beauty of the surroundings, offers a unique blend of romance and tranquility.

The Meeting That Set the Stage

Before their special day, Cheryl, Marc, and I met at the Poughkeepsie Galleria. Over pizza, they shared their vision for a simple yet profound celebration. Having found each other again after years apart, their story was a testament to love’s enduring nature. They expressed how fortunate they felt to have me capture their moments, adding a layer of excitement to the anticipation of their day.

A Day to Remember

Bride in a flowing white dress and groom in a classic black suit standing together on a lush green lawn, with a charming white colonial house and vibrant garden in the background.

Despite the forecast, Cheryl and Marc’s spirits were undampened by the gentle rain. Armed with umbrellas and surrounded by the beauty of Restaurant Six at Curry Estate, their elopement was a picturesque scene of joy and intimacy. The rain, rather than being a hindrance, added a magical quality to their photographs, encapsulating the essence of their bond: resilient, beautiful, and evergreen.

Why It’s Perfect Year-Round

Restaurant Six at Curry Estate’s allure is not seasonal; its charm is ever-present. Whether basked in the warm glow of summer or nestled under a soft blanket of snow, the venue offers a timeless setting for love stories. For Cheryl and Marc, the slight rain only enhanced the intimacy of their elopement, showcasing the venue’s ability to turn any day into a fairy tale.

Embracing the Elements

The venue’s versatility shines through its ability to host beautiful weddings, rain or shine. The estate’s indoor spaces exude warmth and elegance, while its outdoor areas, covered or open, offer breathtaking views. This adaptability ensures that every couple, regardless of the season or weather, finds their perfect backdrop for “I do.”

Intimate Elopements and Grand Celebrations

At Restaurant Six at Curry Estate, every wedding, from the most intimate elopements to grand celebrations, is given the attention and care it deserves. Cheryl and Marc’s day was a beautiful testament to the venue’s capability to create a deeply personal and memorable experience, tailored to every couple’s unique story.

What The Venue Offers

Amenities and Services

Restaurant Six at Curry Estate is more than just a venue; it’s a full-service wedding destination that caters to every need. From luxurious bridal suites for getting ready to state-of-the-art sound systems for the reception, every detail is meticulously planned and executed. The estate offers:

  • Bridal Suites: Spacious and elegantly appointed rooms provide a serene setting for pre-ceremony preparations.
  • Culinary Excellence: With a team of renowned chefs, the venue prides itself on a diverse menu that can be customized to satisfy any palate.
  • Event Planning Support: Experienced coordinators work closely with couples to ensure every aspect of the day runs smoothly, from timelines to vendor coordination.
  • On-site Accommodations: Comfortable and stylish lodging options are available for guests wishing to extend their stay, making it convenient for destination weddings.

Customization Options

Understanding that each couple has a unique vision for their wedding, Restaurant Six at Curry Estate offers extensive customization options:

  • Thematic Decor: Whether you dream of a rustic country wedding or a sophisticated black-tie affair, the venue can transform its spaces to reflect your theme.
  • Lighting and Sound: Advanced lighting and sound systems are adjustable to create the perfect ambiance and ensure speeches and music are delivered flawlessly.
  • Flexible Seating Arrangements: The layout of the ceremony and reception areas can be tailored to accommodate guest counts of all sizes, ensuring comfort and intimacy.
  • Personalized Menus: Collaborate with the culinary team to craft a menu that reflects your tastes and dietary preferences, from cocktail hour to the reception dinner.

Embracing Seasonal Beauty

The beauty of Restaurant Six at Curry Estate is its year-round charm. Each season brings its own unique backdrop, making it a versatile choice for weddings:

  • Spring and Summer: Blooming gardens and sun-dappled terraces provide a vibrant setting for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.
  • Fall: The estate’s grounds turn into a tapestry of autumn colors, offering a warm and inviting ambiance for your special day.
  • Winter: Snow-covered landscapes and elegantly decorated indoor spaces create a cozy and romantic atmosphere for a winter wedding.

Cheryl and Marc’s rainy day elopement is a testament to the venue’s ability to turn any day into a dream wedding, showcasing its adaptability and the comprehensive services it offers to ensure a flawless celebration.

Conclusion: A Venue for All Seasons

Restaurant Six at Curry Estate embodies the essence of timeless elegance, making it a perfect venue for weddings in any season. Its blend of historical charm, modern amenities, and personalized services ensures every couple can bring their wedding vision to life, just like Cheryl and Marc did. Their story of rekindled love and a day filled with joy, despite the rain, highlights the magic that can be created within the estate’s grounds.

As a photographer, capturing weddings at Restaurant Six is always a privilege. The endless possibilities for beautiful photos, combined with the venue’s commitment to excellence, make it a place where memories are not just made but are beautifully preserved.

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